Apr 5, 2014
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Pig: Hey, Rat, who's your friend?
Rat: He's the don of one of the local crime families. But don't bother him. He's messing with some flashlight.
Don: It's okay. I'm just putting batteries in it.
Pig: Why is it shaped like a woman?
Don: It's Elizabeth Hurley, that actress from 'Austin Powers.' I think she's beautiful, so I had it specially made. 
Pig: Wow, that's really....
Ron: Pig! Pig! I need your help.
Pig: Hey, Ron Cey, former third baseman for the L.A. Dodgers. What do you need?
Ron: I dropped my keys outside, but it's too dark to find them. Got a light I can borrow?
Don: Here. Borrow mine.
Ron: Thank you, sir. Be right back.
Don: Gosh, I hope it works. Not sure if those batteries were fresh.
Pig: Oh... I should check. Oh, key, can you see by the Don's Hurley light?
Rat: I'll let a professional hit you.
Apr 7, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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