Feb 2, 2013
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"Story Update: Larry's family thought Larry was killed by ferocious dolphins. He was not. Larry is now exploiting the situation.
Crocodile wife:  Larry, I need you to take out the garbage.
Larry:  No can do. Larry dead.
Crocodile wife:  You're not dead, Larry.
Larry:  Me got angel wings.
Crocodile wife:  You made those out of construction paper.
Larry:  Where me get dis?
Crocodile wife:  The harp store, Larry. Now knock it off. You have absolutely no proof you ever went to the afterlife.
"My husbann went to afterlife and all me got was dis lousy t-shirt"
Crocodile wife:  How 'bout I send you back for something nicer?
Larry:  Whoa. Suddenly me feel like taking out garbage.
Feb 4, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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