Jan 26, 2013
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Goat:  Good morning, Pig...what are you up to?
Pig:  I really love folk music, so I'm debating whether to join N.E.F.F.A.
Goat:  What's that?
Pig:  The New England Folk Festival Association.
Goat:  So why don't you?
Pig:  Because I really believe in women's rights, so I'd also like to join N.O.W., the National Organization for Women.
Goat:  So why not join both?
Pig:  Because I can't afford the dues for both.
Goat:  So it's one or the other?
Pig:  It's N.O.W. or N.E.F.F.A.
Goat:  Are there refunds for comic strips?
Stephan:  Nope.
Jan 28, 2013
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