Dec 20, 2003
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"A Pearls Christmas tale."
 "...And on a snowy Christmas Eve, Santa called the reindeers in for a meeting..."
 "Boys, it's gonna be a tough haul this year. The sleigh is heavy and the snow is thick."
 "I have faith in you, Santa. You're a great, great sleigh driver."
 "Well, thank you, Robby.. I appreciate that."
 "Oh, my pleasure, Santa.. in fact, it is an HONOR to ride with you, sir."
 "That's very kind of you, Robby."
 "C'mon, everyone.. a big, big round of applause for the kindest, smartest Santa ever."
 "..And later that evening, the angry reindeer tied up their sycophantic brother and threw him off a cliff.. the end."
 "Poor 'Robby the Brown-nose Reindeer.'"
Dec 22, 2003
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