Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for July 21, 2010


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  1. Missing large
    DarthSequitur  over 10 years ago

    Stop it, Wiley. I’ll hurt myself laughing so hard.

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  2. Jack noire comic
    LordDogmore  over 10 years ago

    Is it just me or does “Mr. Big” look a little like Ross Perot?

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  3. Woody with beer
    WoodEye  over 10 years ago

    Ross Perot? The ears aren’t big enough to be “Wingnut”!

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  4. Kitty
    cutiepie29  over 10 years ago

    Calling the President the “office temp” really kind of puts things into perspective. However, this particular “office temp” can sure mess things up during their little tenure.

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  5. Grog   droob color
    GROG Premium Member over 10 years ago

    And that’s why they’re office temps. No one does a good enough job to do it full time.

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  6. Zappa sheik
    ksoskins  over 10 years ago

    ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’

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  7. Dragon
    mhs1075  over 10 years ago

    Reminds me of the very wealthy character in the movie Contact.

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  8. Missing large
    kreole  over 10 years ago

    Reminds me too—of the movie Contact. I love the term, “Office Temp”.

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  9. Missing large
    ABComic  over 10 years ago


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  10. Leopard 606 600x450
    Zimbo  over 10 years ago


    The plot thickens, this guy sounds like he means business. cant wait to see how this ends

    LOL Office temp LOL

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  11. Yeenaghu
    Redkaycei  over 10 years ago

    LOL, Gee Cutiepie… you act like the new Temp made the mess instead of being the one who has to clean up after the old one who made it…. ahh the poor memory ….

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  12. Avatar02
    jpozenel  over 10 years ago

    It will be hard to top today’s strip. Excellent.

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  13. Missing large
    radicalmom  over 10 years ago

    yup, pretty bleeep funny..

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  14. Untold verity himymquotes07
    imjustso  over 10 years ago

    Office Temp! Ha ha ha!!! I think that will be my new name for all presidents henceforth.

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  15. B40abbe3985d7e067739eda56310d212
    afeeney  over 10 years ago


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  16. Griefers gunna grief
    cats32  over 10 years ago


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  17. Kavieyes1510w
    Silentknight7  over 10 years ago

    I told you all! It IS Professor Obfuscate.

    he he he ehh ehe he. office temp.

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  18. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  over 10 years ago

    Lapdogs & Office Temp. Very nice.

    I kind of thought it looked like Alan Greenspan, too.

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  19. Th giraffe
    lazygrazer  over 10 years ago

    LOL!—this is getting too good.


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  20. Dolphin1a
    Mitstan  over 10 years ago


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  21. 20141103 115559
    Potrzebie  over 10 years ago


    oops, wrong line.

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  22. Missing large
    adldev  over 10 years ago

    positively magnificent. made a bad day, feel great. Uh-ho I feel something fluttering by. OH NO!!!

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  23. Missing large
    Hath1  over 10 years ago

    Thanks Baslim! Here’s the back story:

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  24. Missing large
    rmbdot  over 10 years ago

    Thanks, Baslim and Hath1! I think you’re right.

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  25. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  over 10 years ago

    I’m confused today (everyday). If the lapdogs make the rules, why does everyone blame the office Temp for enforcing them? Only one name to remember? But but but I thought half the lapdogs were up for re-election. You mean they hope we won’t remember? Oh, remember their name, not what they did.

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  26. Dempo
    mjbdiver  over 10 years ago

    I never even thought of the President as a temp. I just love how Wiley puts everything into fresh perspective.

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  27. 104 2745
    Trebor39  over 10 years ago

    The President gets his job for four years and if he’s lucky, four more. Yes, he is a temp.

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  28. Missing large
    kittenpah  over 10 years ago

    Remember the observation by Douglas Adams. Those elected guys are there just to confuse you about who’s really in power.

    Giant yacht, remote island, bald guy. Could it be Paul Allen?

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  29. Missing large
    jhouck99  over 10 years ago

    Trebor39: “if he’s lucky”

    I wouldn’t consider myself lucky getting stuck with that job. I’d rather serve jury duty for four years…

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  30. T128
    Nelly55  over 10 years ago

    this is so great

    I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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  31. Me hippy cropped
    Dewsolo  over 10 years ago

    remember the 80s when the guy in the oval office was called the acting president?

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  32. Last 9 11 rescue dog birthday party new york bretagne pronounced brittany owner and rescue partner denise corliss texas
    Dry and Dusty Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Thanks for the links! Definately Prof. Obfuscate!

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  33. Missing large
    marty  over 10 years ago

    Hath1, thanks for the links to a brilliant storyline.

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  34. Dragon
    mhs1075  over 10 years ago

    The end of the world? 2012 coming right up. So THIS is the beginning of the end. I wonder how big an ekert can get. Is there just one?

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  35. Missing large
    Hspagna  over 10 years ago

    Your best story ever! An outbreak of niceness is what this world needs right now! I seldom LOL because I usually see the punch line coming. My curse. (after 82 years, few things surprise me) I like following your story lines.

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  36. Missing large
    david5992  over 10 years ago

    “Gather the lapdogs!” falls off chair laughing hysterically.

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  37. J0262810
    Wildmustang1262  over 10 years ago

    On the panel, how can the fatter yacht speed up so fast?


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  38. Missing large
    lilalicat32  over 10 years ago

    No need to start calling names. There have been many (and will be many more) “office temps” and the like who do things that most people don’t like. Hindsight is 20/20. We cannot go back in time and change things so the best course of action is to do what we can to fix what is wrong now. And yes I do like my rose colored, pollyanna view of the world. It is the only thing that keeps me sane.

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  39. 061
    pawpawbear  over 10 years ago


    Folks, you who tend towards partisanship, you must realize that if we have lap dogs and office temp in Washington today, we must have had them all along. What I am saying is B/C were just as helpless/hapless as anybody else unlucky enough to get to Washington. I think the days of true hope are over.

    Thanks for the perspective, Wiley. No-one has ever put it so succintly.

    The “Ekert” is fantasy. God save us all.

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  40. Oldwolfcookoff
    The Old Wolf  over 10 years ago

    Terrifying humor. Regardless of who is in the White House or who is in Congress, the Fed answers to no one.

    For what it’s worth, having a healthy political debate has value. Descending to puerile ad-hominem attacks because you disagree with someone else’s position reduces the entire arena to a mud wrestle. It’s a choice.

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  41. Danae
    Wiley creator over 10 years ago

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I truly appreciate it. All I ask it that you try to refrain from engaging in the tiresome back-and-forth of partisan politics. It only ends up in mud slinging, taking all the fun out of this forum.

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  42. Chw82caz11g91ca55h709cawjthlocay2dk85camu64fqcal7s34pcaxyf5n8cakvj1lkcahoq0imca5qa1hbca6k2m2tcaogqf60caob9irfcasvef94ca8ab2alcasx22etcaol4fmjcazjz28x
    ldyhwkd  over 10 years ago

    jhouck99 said, I wouldn’t consider myself lucky getting stuck with that job. I’d rather serve jury duty for four years

    The only good presidents we have had are the ones who did not want to be there.

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  43. Missing large
    rotts  over 10 years ago

    I have a suggestion: when we espy the next incarnation of our friend from Tulsa, let’s not identify him, OK? Let’s just enjoy his comments for what they are.

    I’m as guilty as the next person, of course. I just never thought it’d lead to his comments being purged.

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  44. Missing large
    Jaroca2  over 10 years ago

    This day would qualify for a Pulitzer….or is that Wurlitzer….so many in agreement !!! ;0)

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  45. Missing large
    mjd.kwanyin  over 10 years ago

    love it! thanks!

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  46. Gray wolf
    worldisacomic  over 10 years ago

    Wiley; in my mind your the Dennis Miller of cartoon strips. He uses the English language to to take the air out of people who are to full of themselves or way to partisan. And keep things light and humorous so that we the viewers or readers don’t become so full of ourselves. Keep up the humorous work, especially the cartoons where the backdrop is the local tavern or bar. Those are my favorite. Thank you.

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  47. Ngc891 rs 580x527
    alan.gurka  over 10 years ago

    I bow in awe!!! Wiley is out there reading our comments! But I have to agree: “lap dogs” and “office temp” are great names no one else has ever used. Brilliant! No wonder he has “GENIUS” after his name. :)

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  48. Arnoldstang
    rvonluchen  over 10 years ago

    The President is not a temp, he has a 4-year contract renewable for 4 years more.

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  49. Hawaii5 0girl
    treered  over 10 years ago

    office temp: Dave, 1993,

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  50. Drfcassowary bigger
    Creniere  over 10 years ago

    Broke a rib laughing…thanks, Wiley….*ow*

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  51. Lonelemming
    Ernest Lemmingway Premium Member over 10 years ago

    “…just the end of our world.” From a guy on a “yacht” the size of a cruiser. Corporate executive alert! Likely the arms industry–and I don’t mean mannequins or prosthetics.

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  52. Last 9 11 rescue dog birthday party new york bretagne pronounced brittany owner and rescue partner denise corliss texas
    Dry and Dusty Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Creniere Hope you see this! Whatever that avatar is, I LOVE IT!,

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  53. Witch
    lin4869  over 10 years ago

    Wiley, this one is wicked clever! Love it!

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  54. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  over 10 years ago

    The new office temp finds a note from his predecessor on his oval office desk: “There are two envelopes in the upper drawer. When you are in trouble for the first time, open the first envelope. When you are in a big trouble for the second time, open the second envelope.”

    After a few months, he gets into trouble, so he finds the envelopes and opens the first envelope one: “Blame me as your predecessor.” He does so, and the troubles pass.

    A couple of years later, he gets into big trouble again and opens the second envelope.

    It says: “Prepare two envelopes…”

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  55. Album cover
    kfaatz925  over 10 years ago

    LOL, Wiley! Thanks for the laugh!

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  56. Missing large
    dranwrites1  over 10 years ago

    Okay I just stopped laughing at this. Almost peed myself too. What a great! cartoon.

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  57. 200px rorschach blot 01
    ses1066  over 10 years ago

    In my newspaper, this strip appears as a square of 2 x 2 panels and loses a lot of the impact of panels 2 & 3 being juxtaposed. Gives a real clear example of how art can and is lost by an editorial decision!

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  58. Drfcassowary bigger
    Creniere  over 10 years ago

    Dry…Thanx. It’s a cassowary’s lovely face…big bird from Down Under.

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  59. V  9
    freeholder1  over 10 years ago

    I believe Wiley stole the temp comment from “Dave.” One of the great political satires/mature romances of the last few years.

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  60. Missing large
    Lawrence Stetz Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Interesting, That boat is way to top heavy to ever actually work.

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  61. Grim sm blue eyes
    Ooops! Premium Member over 10 years ago

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  62. Shetland sheepdog
    ellisaana Premium Member over 10 years ago

    -From an inside-the-beltway native, be sure that “office temp” is how many of us think of the Pres, and all the political types.

    don’t like it? it will change in 4 yrs, or 8 on the outside.


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  63. Missing large
    niarja  over 10 years ago

    Oh, very good. I like this one; how appropriate.

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  64. Pogomarch
    MatureCanadian  over 10 years ago

    Absolutely stupendous. Thanks Wiley. Love the “Darkness of Nice” comment.

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  65. Mirrorcover
    dbhaley  over 10 years ago

    Wiley takes over the traditional metaphor of the republic as “the ship of state.” He substitutes a monstrous, unseaworthy “yacht” for the republic and has its insanely self-absorbed owner (who stands for the selfish financial interests?) say this is TEOTWAWKI.

    Pretty maudlin; you have to wonder why so many readers find this a delicious put-down of government. It’s just a power-mad dreamer fancying that the POTUS works for him, when in fact the POTUS works for the people. What president (other than FDR, perhaps) ever pretended to be more than a “temp”?

    stebon: Are you urging us to switch from a republic controlled by the people to a theocracy where we’ll all “thank God”?

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  66. Pogomarch
    MatureCanadian  over 10 years ago

    Thanks for the links to the old strips, had forgotten them.

    bmonk - Great joke thanks.

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  67. My eye
    vldazzle  over 10 years ago

    Thanks so much Wiley (and at your request I’ll refrain from the partisan comment I wanted to make) ;-P

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  68. Kitty
    cutiepie29  over 10 years ago

    Hey, hey, hey! I resent the personal attacks on me.

    If you read something partisan into my original comment, that is on YOUR shoulders, not mine. All I said is that “this particular office temp”, referring to the office of President and not to whomever is filling said office at any given time, is able to create a whole lot of mess in the four to eight years he/she is allotted.

    I say he/she because even though there has not yet been a woman elected to the office, they very well may be and I don’t want to be accused of being exclusionary. Wouldn’t want to have people assuming I am some “vapid airhead” with a bad memory, would I.

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  69. Kitty
    cutiepie29  over 10 years ago

    tcolkett said, about 15 hours ago

    Cutiepie is aptly named. A vapid airhead that completely missed what Cheney/Bush did to this country.

    Not that it is really any of your business, tcolket, but Cutiepie is my husband’s pet name for me, and is a term of endearment. You likening me to a “vapid airhead” based solely on how you interpreted that nickname is insulting and degrading. I take extreme offense. I am a college-educated woman who reads current events on a very regular basis (and not limited to just a single source, either). I am no more unaware of “what Bush/Cheney did to this country” than I am unaware of what Obama/Biden are doing to it now and what Clinton/Gore did to it previously. By the way, it is proper etiquette to write the President’s name first in such a pairing, no matter whom you believe to have actually been in charge (yes, I did catch your intentional slight of Mr. Bush).

    Stick to the comic in question when posting your comments, and avoid personal attacks on ANYONE.

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  70. Dolphin1a
    Mitstan  over 10 years ago

    I agree with the last cutiepie29! No one should attack anyone in a forum like this… It’s a place of refuge from the real world…

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  71. Luc tout pres
    vieuxmec  over 10 years ago

    Best comic feature outside of Tom Tomorrow! (er…and maybe Tom Toles).

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  72. Missing large
    rotts  over 10 years ago

    Flagged that spammer!

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  73. Missing large
    david5992  over 10 years ago

    I can’t help but notice that the bulk of the comments are directed at the “office temp” rather than the “lapdogs.”

    Say’s something don’t you think, when people focus on the action of one individual when we – collectively – elect another 535 (100 Senate, 435 House) to participate in the process.

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  74. Missing large
    Mad_Mi  over 10 years ago

    This is such an awesome strip- but the Ekert theme is fabulously brilliant. I have not laughed out for so long as seeing this. Thank you Wiley & keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

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