About Joey Weatherford

Editorial cartooning was not Joey Weatherford’s first choice as a life-long career. He dreamed of becoming an elite Army Ranger. But due to a childhood illness for which doctors prescribed him to wear braces on his legs and a stay at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital for a short time, Joey failed the military physical.

So he decided the only other logical career choice aside from joining our nation’s Special Forces was editorial cartooning.

Weatherford has been contributing editorial cartoons to the Greenville Herald Banner since 2001 where he also wrote a weekly humor column. Weatherford has been self-syndicated since 2015 before joining the Tribune Content Agency. His work has appeared in such newspapers as The Tyler Morning Telegraph, The Waco Tribune and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He has also freelanced in advertising creating caricature designs for a Texas radio station.

Weatherford’s editorial cartoons lean slightly conservative and are drawn in a whimsical style often blended with pop culture references and classic cartoon characters.

Joey Weatherford lives in his native East Texas along with his wife, two sons, and a few neurotic pets.

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