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You know how sometimes you're trying to reach for your phone but you kind of just gush your hand into your cereal bowl instead because it was right next to it and your brain isn't turned on because it's 8 AM and it's just not time for humans to be awake yet? And it takes you a second to realize what you've just done and you're like "Oh dang."

Then you get to the office and you're like "Weird, the parking lot is so empty, I'm not that early am I?" and you fiddle with the door and think "What the heck did they change the codes," but then you realize "Whoa, it is totally Sunday right now!" 

So then you decide "Well, I'm up early anyway, let's check out that one diner Stephanie was talking about, I mean I could eat again." And then you go there and you have a nice meal and you think "something like this isn't so bad every once in a while."

This is kind of a comic about that. If you like hot comics and you are a cool person there is a chance you will have a nice time with us.

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