Jun 11, 2011
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Satchel: Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue?
Bucky: Because it would look stupid orange.
Satchel: But what about yellow, or-
Bucky: Yellow? Annoying.
Satchel: Even green, maybe. My point-
Bucky: Green? Satchel, all the junk down on the ground is green! You wanna paint me green, too, tough guy?!
Satchel: No, I just mean, like, do you ever wonder about the big stuff?
Bucky: Like elephants? No.
Satchel: No, I mean like why are we here?
Bucky: Because Rob's too cheap to buy a condo!
Satchel: No, like... Ok, here's one: why are we here on this planet?
Bucky: The moon doesn't have snacks, dip nut!
Satchel: But why do we even stay on the ground? Why aren't we floating all over the place?
Bucky: All our stuff is down here, man!
Satchel:'re not very philosophical, are you?
Bucky: No I'm full-o-knowical, thank you.
Jun 13, 2011
Small u 201701251613

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