Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli for December 20, 2010

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    Stevero  over 13 years ago

    What a great way for a granddaughter to talk aboout her grandfather!

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  2. Sc000fe15a
    DebJ4  over 13 years ago

    Hope they don’t decide to throw away the old Bible! At Walt’s age, Walt’s original Bible might actually be worth serious money to a collector one day!

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  3. New dollar  2
    BuzzDog  over 13 years ago

    Oh, lighten up…my mother’s “only” 77 and even she constantly jokes about extending her magazine subscriptions for too many years into the future. It’s a cute way to acknowledge your own mortality, and I hope we lovingly laugh at Mom’s comment after she’s gone - hopefully many years from now.

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  4. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  over 13 years ago

    Why don’t the family give their time to grandpa Walt. Time would mean more.

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  5. Dscn0420 1
    OldManMountain  over 13 years ago

    Walt will win them over with a story about how much the old worn-out Bible means to him. Another secret about Phyllis will be revealed.

    Judy and Corky and their families won’t bother to come over for Christmas.

    Everyone else will have a good cry and Gertie will hit Joe Pye with a broom.

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  6. Roohey
    roohey  over 13 years ago

    in the “old days” families recorded all family events…births, deaths, marriages in the family Bible. I have my Grandmothers it is a written family history. I wonder if Walt has the same thing in his well loved and well read Bible I have said it before several times…give Walt the gift of time, love and laughter

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  7. Missing large
    EarlWash  over 13 years ago

    I thought that was HILARIOUS…and in a few months I will turn 80. If you can’t laugh about life and yourself, you are sick…and I intend to stay extremely well for the next 53 years whether any one likes it or not. LIVE ON!

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  8. Missing large
    shel4  over 13 years ago

    That green banana joke is so old that it is now waaay overripe!

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  9. Hp scands 7121620245952
    LoisG Premium Member over 13 years ago

    At Walt’s age, the old Family Bible could actually be worth a lot - so I hope they do NOT decide to throw it away! If Walt inherited the Bible from someone in his family - then it could be even more valuable! Maybe Walt would prefer to have someone restore the historical old family Bible to its original condition? Hopefully - this will provide an opportunity for Walt to tell them all something about family history. ALWAYS love to revisit the past with the Wallet family!

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