Edge City by Terry and Patty LaBan for June 04, 2023

  1. Mm wp001
    allen@home  11 months ago

    That would do it alright.

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  2. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 11 months ago

    No Americans are gonna pick lettuce in the hot sun for 14 hours a day! One farm in GA, desperate after GA passed a no immigrant worker bill, was offering $15/hour. No takers.

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  3. Photo
    DawnQuinn1  10 months ago

    Have to get rid of migrant workers. The orange head claimed they were all animals and terrorists. But then..who else will do the jobs YOU refuse to do. Someone has to.

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  4. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 10 months ago

    If they were here legally that would not happen!

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  5. Bugs
    Grumpy Old Guy  10 months ago

    Crossing the border illegally does not make one an immigrant, it makes one a criminal….

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  6. Avatar
    Ed The Red Premium Member 10 months ago

    There are jobs for millions of potential immigrants trying to get into this country, but we won’t let them in. Even though we need them to do those jobs. The reason is simple: racism.

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  7. Bits2
    Diat60  10 months ago

    I guess they’ll have to go to Farmer Joe’s place and pick their own!

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  8. Missing large
    exitseven  10 months ago

    That was the good old days when laws were actually enforced.

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  9. Nameambi
    stefaninafla  10 months ago

    Here’s the reality: They use immigrant labor because they will not pay enough.

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