Are you sensing a theme with our last three 2017's Top 10?

Today's No. 5 marks the third straight time a "first comic" from more than 20 years ago has landed on this list.

Our No. 5 is one of GoComics' most popular comics ... the venerable, yet also youthful ... "Luann." Luann started on St. Patrick's Day way back in 1985 and she's been driving the snakes out of our hearts with laughter ever since.

How does she do it?

Well, it's all in the delicious brains of the Evans family: Greg, Betty and Karen. So read it, love it and than send a telepathic note of thanks toward the Evanseseses in Southern California.

Today's Luann challenge:

1. Name 10 words that have never appeared in Luann.

2. Read all 33 years of strips in 24 hours. 

3. There is no third Luann challenge. Try and focus on the first two.