Cathy Commiserations by Cathy Guisewite for April 30, 2021


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  1. Sherlock holmes gillette chose the pipe and deerstalker because they could be seen easily in the theater
    WGillete  12 days ago

    Yeah, this has been a rough 16 months on all of us.

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  2. Picture
    JosephShriver  12 days ago

    Ok, what is the purpose of wearing a mask hat home?

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  3. Picture
    summerdog  12 days ago

    Me thinks Cathy is so used to seeing half her face covered, she now can’t stand to see her face and all her aging signs on it. Buying more expensive makeup and anti-aging creams, coming up!

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  4. April older
    Lola85 Premium Member 12 days ago

    By the time I get out and about again without a mask, I will have had to buy all new makeup since mine will have expired.

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  5. Ericka huggins
    j8-888  12 days ago

    I feel the opposite of most people. I dread not wearing a mask in public. I don’t want any stranger breathing on me ever again. I walk in a large park (several miles long) every day, and even though they now say that as a vaccinated person, I don’t have to wear a mask outdoors, I still do.

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  6. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  12 days ago

    I start to freak out when I see lips. I’m fully vaccinated and my office partner recovered from COVID-19 but it still bugs me when I see his mask slipping. I don’t say anything but it still bugs me.

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  7. Srt viper blue 2
    rgcviper  11 days ago

    Like I’ve said this week, I wear a mask anytime I’m away from home. I’ve had both vaccinations, but one can never be too careful.

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  8. Missing large
    A.Ficionada  8 days ago

    This is #relateable. Not to mention I’m going to need clothes to leave the house in, other than exercise gear ><

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  9. Bbt
    MT Wallet   8 days ago

    On Gil Thorp they count the days when a character is missing this way.

    Cathy held hostage: Day 4.

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