Brian McFadden for November 19, 2018


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  1. Logo cook
    DuhWeldr  over 2 years ago

    Interesting how Corporate American has figured out that putting people like Bezos and Zuckerberg and the Tesla dude makes those companies much more palatable to JQ public. Yeah they did those companies all on their own; sure.

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  2. Missing large
    walfishj  over 2 years ago

    Anybody can criticize AFTER a decisiony. Where was yoy. Where was your alleged wisdom BEFORE?

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  3. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member over 2 years ago

    A more prevalent method for this scam is sports stadiums which never do anything for the areas they are built in. Atlantic City casinos was another good example of not doing a thing for Atlantic City.

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  4. Picture4
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member over 2 years ago

    Amazon has become the centralized distributor of goods,

    didn’t Marx say something about that?

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  5. Frank
    Frankfreak  over 2 years ago

    Jeff Bezos should spend more time being a philanthropist and making his workplaces more employee friendly, before he decides to retire and uses his money to clear his name of derogatory perceptions.

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  6. Missing large
    wellis1947 Premium Member over 2 years ago

    Interestingly, enough, Brian McFadden, you could have been equally derisive of Mario & Bill if they’d not attempted to attract Bezos to New York, so it was a “Win-Win” situation for you wasn’t it? It was a clear case of “Have you stopped beating your spouse?” for you, wasn’t it?

    I don’t condemn you for seizing the opportunity, Brian, I’m just pointing out that there probably no way Mario & Bill could have come out winning here.

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  7. Me on trikke 2007    05
    pam Miner  over 2 years ago

    We have defended Capitalism and it has bitten our legs off. We had no idea that Rothchilds and Rockefeller and the others were working to make our live as close to hell as they could. More people in Poverty, People falling down from Middle class to poor in days because of our Not-help- medical plan, a non existing plan. Why do our drugs cost so much? why can’t we have socialized medicine done up right, better than other countries?

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  8. Wtp
    superposition  over 2 years ago

    I wish we had real capitalism with many innovative, competitive, medium-size companies instead of the few monopolies and oligopolies that we do have. The number of startups is steadily declining and old money has entrenched themselves in areas where we most need competition to deliver better bang for the buck.

    I miss the mom and pop businesses that the fast food and big box stores have put out of business by undercutting price then reducing quality when the competition was no longer around. I especially miss the bakeries where the bakers were proud of their creations that smelled and tasted so great.

    I really don’t mind Amazon as they have services that I use. In the 1970’s, as an engineer, I worked 12-14 hours, 7 days a week, for a salary plus contract — where I received straight time only after working 44 hours a week — for the months at a time. I don’t believe that is legal now, so I really don’t find the low skill jobs at Amazon that awful.

    Also, it would be nice to have a choice beyond Microsoft, Apple or Linux for software on computing devices ( with fewer worries of hacking/malware) with special unhackable election computers that were not using commercial off the shelf hardware and software manufactured overseas.

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