National Ice Cream Day is many tasty things to many treat-seeking people, but for my (Monopoly) money, there's nothing better than novelty licensed cartoon character ice cream bars. You know, the ones smooshed into the shapes of icons like Garfield and Snoopy -- with the bubblegum eyes? As a kid, every summer day when I'd hear the ice cream truck -- I guess it was more of a van -- I'd run after it for a chance to see my favorite characters in frozen confection form. Everyone from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Spider-Man looked so happy to have their head on a stick! Not every character makes it onto the side of the ice cream vehicle, however, which is a shame! A shame I corrected with ice cream bar illustration concepts featuring a smattering of GoComics stars.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with all the GoComics ice cream bar characters you can shake a stick at, which is exactly five.




Nobody stays cool like Nancy, not even Sluggo. Also, Nancy translates better to an ice cream bar -- particularly if you don't account for her wild hair spikes.




Rat may not seem like the most appetizing candidate for a Pearls Before Swine frozen treat and, quite frankly, he's not. He's just got a great gumball nose placement.


The Awkward Yeti


There's nothing awkward about this sweet summer treat! Unless you count how much bigger his eyes are as gumballs. I suppose it's only befitting of Nick Seluk's titular character.


Sarah's Scribbles


It felt weird just writing "Sarah," but the fact remains that Sarah's Scribbles does indeed star a version of its creator, Sarah Andersen. In real world conditions, the hair shape would probably prove as unseemly as Sonic the Hedgehog's quills, but it's a scrumptious sight to behold as a concept.




I took too long drawing Alex Norris's delightful Blob of Webcomic Name fame and now it's melting! Oh no.