Last summer Dorris McComics creator Alex Norris began exploring webcomic tropes with nondescript characters in the equally nondescript-titled webcomic name. The comic typically follows a bright-colored blob personifying the average webcomic creator in the average webcomic, and ends with the running gag "Oh no." As seen in our Make Up Your Own Holiday Day gallery, it reconciles deconstruction and reduction with appreciation and originality and acts as a kind of webcomics Golden Ratio. Still, end of the day, Norris has still been poking a little fun at his fellow cartoonists for almost a year. This April Fools' Day, his peers poked back with webcomicofart (easily read as Webcomic o' Fart), a massive catalog of 3-panel gags rich with flatulence, all Photoshopped or otherwise adapted from Norris originals.



webcomicname original

undefinedwebcomicofart version


webcomicname Original


webcomicofart version



With 63-and-counting anonymous posts since as early as October, webcomicofart has parodied a little more than a third of Norris' some 150 originals. The level of commitment is a step past even his recent fan-submitted comic contest.

It's a palpable -- if scatological -- celebration of the webcomics ecosystem made all the richer by its April 1st launch. You can feel (and smell?) the love.

The power of comics is validated once again. Oh yes.