Happy Birthday, Calvin and Hobbes. Thirty-one years? Good gravy. When I first started in my role at Universal as acquisitions editor, people gave me a lot of good advice. 


1. You should try and find the next Calvin and Hobbes

2. If you found the next Calvin and Hobbes, we'd appreciate it.

3. Another Calvin and Hobbes would be a good thing for you to do and soon.

4. Get me a cheese danish, a small black coffee and the next Calvin and Hobbes, dammit!

5. Écoutez-moi votre sale morceau de poisson, si vous ne me trouvez pas le prochain Calvin et Hobbes par la prochaine super lune Je vais vous faire haché et mis dans un ragoût à la crème.

6. Maybe you should go a size larger on your tank tops?


What they (nor I) didn't realize at the time was that there will NEVER be another Calvin and Hobbes. It is a singular, genius creation. Like the best comics, Calvin and Hobbes made you laugh, it made you think and it made your jaw drop with its art. And like the best art, it is better appreciated each time you return to it. 


Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson November 18, 1985



And return you should. HBD, C&H!