Jan 4, 2014
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Nate: "If I hit that tree, it means Jenny's going to fall madly in love with me!"

Nate: "RATS!"

Gram: "*tsk!* So close!

Nate: Oh! uh... Hi, Gram!"

Gram: "Now don't be embarrassed, sweetie! I did the same thing when I was young!"

Nate: "You did?"

Gram: "Oh, yes! There was a certain young man I was WILD about!"

Gram: "I'd throw a snowball or a rock at every tree, praying for a sign that we were destined to live happily ever after!"

Gram: "But... *sigh*... I never hit that tree!"

Gram: "That's how I ended up with you grandfather!"

Gramps: "If I didn't love that woman so much, I'd be tossing a few snowballs myself right now."
Jan 6, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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