About Ask a Cat

undefinedAsk a Cat is a comic strip where people can finally ask questions to a cat. Ever wondered why a cat does this? Or what cats think of humans? Or what they think of a movie? Wonder no more, as Cat answers letters that people send to him.


"Ask a Cat" first appeared in late 2014, initially created as a one-time thing on my blog to go along with another comic I was doing at the time. I asked readers to send in questions they would like to ask a cartoon cat about, and I would draw their answers. At first, I thought I would only do 5 or so strips and move on, but I kept getting more and more questions and I kept drawing them. I later collected the strips into a mini-comic, which has proven to be a best seller in comic conventions I have boothed at.


After getting picked up by GoComics, the strip became ongoing, displacing the other comic it originally ran alongside. Proves to you that cats grab readers' attention.

 If you want to ask Cat something, send an email to