Andy Capp by Reg Smythe for June 03, 2018


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  over 1 year ago

    So winning fair and square, Andy, is illegal?

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  2. Someofthat
    ƹʅɗʘ "It's two, easy to zip" ɗ'ʘraɗʘ  over 1 year ago

    ! The last Broker wasn’t so picky:

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  3. 1.16 15 19small
    Anathema Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Andy won them fair and square – well….maybe not fair.

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  4. Missing large
    littlejohn  over 1 year ago

    Andy, you need those cups. One for a cup of integrity. And one, a cup of honor. You seem to be short of both.

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  5. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member over 1 year ago

    I guess some would buy a trophy they didn’t win to stick on the mantel just like some buys books just for decoration.

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  6. Missing large
    thelost wizard  over 1 year ago

    Cheating is only illegal if you get caught.

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  7. Picture
    KenMcclelland  over 1 year ago

    andy you’r skint man.

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  8. Rosie the riveter poster by j. howard miller courtesy of us national archives 56a9c91f5f9b58b7d0fefda8
    Number Three  over 1 year ago

    I’ve never won a trophy in my life. Not for anything.

    Even if I did, I would never pawn them.


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  9.  h366 w650 m6 otrue lfalse
    tad1  over 1 year ago

    More likely, Andy swiped from the real winner.

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  10. Thinker1
    Fan o’ Lio. Premium Member over 1 year ago

    I was stupid for not having a complete backup on my now deceased computer.

    What saved me from complete disaster was the fact that I had all my financial information and other important stuff saved on a flash drive in plain text format.

    This may sound elementary to some of you but it’s what saved this dumb-ass.

    (Also posted in the Village)

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  11. Someofthat
    ƹʅɗʘ "It's two, easy to zip" ɗ'ʘraɗʘ  over 1 year ago

    [!] …think Gadgie , think; weor wez the last playce Ye saw yer Jacket; was It maybe

    ? Alf’s?!!

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