Jul 27, 2013
Small u 201701251613
narrator: doc has agreed to a new time-travel mission...
john: once you make it to 1816 switzerland, push this power button! the device will do all the work!
doc: i think i can handle that!
john: knowing what was in the atmosphere in the aftermath of the mt. tambora eruption will help us understand so much about climate patterns!
doc: i can imagine!
john: i'm very eager for you to be on your way, doc! how soon can you start?
doc: first, of course, we'll have to arrange payment for the trip!
john: certainly! whatever it takes! and then you can go?
doc: not quite! i have one quick trip to make first!
john: i'm sorry to hear you have another trip to take before going to 1816 switzerland! is there anyway you could do our job first?
john: not to worry! yours is the only job i have! the trip is to line up an assistant, my friend alley oop!
john: oh, i see! is he a time-travel expert too?
doc: ha! ha! not exactly! but you never know when some muscle will come in handy!
Jul 29, 2013
Small u 201701251613