Jul 6, 2013
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narrator: the rescue mission from the pit continues...
wizer: thanks, oop! i'm so grateful doowee sent you to get me out of there! where is he?
oop: ha! ha! i don't think you'll be seeing doowee again! 
guz: he was nothin' but a troublemaker coward!
foozy: now guz, i think you should be fair! doowee's ideas were like fresh air!
oop: giving people rights doesn't mean you hafta lose power! it might make people respect you instead of fearin' you! guz: oh, all right! let's write up a constitution.
umpa: hello, boys! what are you doing?
oop: we're working on writing up a constitution for moo, t'grant people rights!
ooola: how exciting! you're including rights for women, aren't you?
guz: now, hold on!
guz: no way are women gonna get rights! that's just too dangerous!
oop: relax, guz!
we'll finish up this constitution while you take a little break!
guz: maybe i should rethink that idea of givin' women rights!
Jul 8, 2013
Small u 201701251613