Feb 4, 2012
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ooola: after all the years i've been alley oops girlfriend, if he can't tell the difference between me and someone else...
lola: ?
ooola: ...even if she looks exactly like me...
ooola: ....then he needs to be taught a lesson!
umpa: goody! let's make plans!
lola: how do we go about teaching alley a lesson?
ooola: not just alley, but everyone! we can't divulge our identity to anyone!
ooola: if anyone wants to talk to us, we must insist that they figure out our identity on their own!
lola: isn't that cruel?
umpa: that's what makes it fun!
lola: i don't see why people have trouble telling us apart! after all, my dress is blue, and yours is red!
ooola: alley's color blind!
umpa: so is guz!
lola: and look! the strap on my dress is on my right shoulder! yours is on your left!
ooola: of course, we notice that!
umpa: the problem is, lola, that you're assuming that men pay any attention!
Feb 6, 2012
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