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Wit of the World

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  1. Radish

    Radish GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago

    First cartoon is progressives vs regressives.
    Second cartoon:
    Gérard de Nerval (French pronunciation: ​[ʒeʁaʁ də nɛʁval]) (May 22, 1808 – January 26, 1855) was the nom-de-plume of the French writer, poet, essayist and translator Gérard Labrunie, one of the most essentially Romantic French poets.
    Nerval had a pet lobster named Thibault which he took for walks in the Palais Royal gardens in Paris on the end of a blue silk ribbon. Nerval wrote to his close childhood friend Laura LeBeau, recounting an embarrassing incident that occurred while on holiday in La Rochelle: “…and so, dear Laura, upon my regaining the town square I was accosted by the mayor who demanded that I should make a full and frank apology for stealing from the lobster nets. I will not bore you with the rest of the story, but suffice to say that reparations were made, and little Thibault is now here with me in the city…”

    Nerval – Les Illuminés, Lévy, 1868
    In an article about the life of Nerval by his friend, Théophile Gautier, Nerval is quoted as having said “Why should a lobster be any more ridiculous than a dog? …or a cat, or a gazelle, or a lion, or any other animal that one chooses to take for a walk? I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark, and they don’t gnaw upon one’s monadic privacy like dogs do. And Goethe had an aversion to dogs, and he wasn’t mad.”

  2. ThePupUnbound!

    ThePupUnbound! said, over 2 years ago

    I LOVE lobsters…they inspire me.

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