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Walt Handelsman


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  1. Ian Rey

    Ian Rey said, 6 months ago

    They are equally effective, i.e. not at all.

  2. echoraven

    echoraven said, 6 months ago

    foiled by their own incompetence!

  3. mskemple

    mskemple said, 6 months ago

    We have met the enemy , and he is us!

  4. MortyForTyrant

    MortyForTyrant said, 6 months ago

    I was nearly keeling over from laughter when i saw the President in the Rose Garden. I like the guy, i really do, but him playing “Insurance-salesperson-in-chief”, complete with toll-free number, was more than i could handle!

  5. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    As often as the GC site is either slow, or crashes, what’s the problem, comparatively, folks? I’ve also been trying for over a year and a half to get a problem with Florida Children and Family Services (Medicaid) fixed for my mom, with NO success, even using lawyers, so I have a hard time getting too panicked about this brand new program, even if the contractors DID screw things up!!

  6. georgelcsmith

    georgelcsmith said, 6 months ago

    Obamacare has been designed to fail. Obama will blame the problems on the private sector and use it as an excuse to promote complete government control.

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