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  1. tauyen

    tauyen said, over 3 years ago

    We need background check on those running for congress – and those with mental health issues need to be removed.

  2. cjr53

    cjr53 said, over 3 years ago

    Maybe just some simple straightforward information from reality so as a voter I could make a well-informed decision.

    Right now, it seems to be the lesser of two evils and in general, democrats tend to do things that help me, the poor and middle class. Whereas, republicans tend to do things that harm me, the poor and middle class.

  3. lonecat

    lonecat said, over 3 years ago


    Background checks to make sure that members of Congress are qualified? It seems pretty clear that Michelle Bachman is a blithering fool — but I’m a democrat, and I hold that if people want to vote for her, that’s their right.

  4. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    oh REALLY?

    So next time a woman says she needs the government to insure she can get contraception make sure you remember your statement here. "Geez, take a little personal responsibility for your life and stop blaming others for your personal failings.


  5. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    hahahahahaha ….. yeah ….. at 65 I still have no need. But maybe one day.

    Way to deflect.

    So back to Personal responsibility. Do you think everyone should exercise it? And that would be in regard to deciding sex is the thing to do, realizing that there are consequences, planning to “do the right thing” and take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy, making a trip to the corner 24 hr gas station to pick up some form of Birth Control (you can get a dozen condoms at CVS Pharmacy for under 6 bucks, contraceptive foam 6oz for 12 bucks and 3 “sponges” for 16 bucks) and be responsible for the cost? Or is it just ok for the pair to say “screw it” the feds won’t cover my BC so we’ll just take that chance?

    Or are you just content playing the fool on this?

  6. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Actions speak louder than words.

  7. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Yes. I am.

    I am also pointing out that there are vast hoards of people that do not, as evidenced in their “actions”.

    I also realize that there are those that are unable to do so through no fault of their own.

    I’m for single payer health care.

    I’m for keeping a large well funded safety net.

    I’m for environmentally sound policy (we are after all put here by – whatever source you prefer – to “fill the earth and subdue it” which – to me – means we are “caretakers” of our planet.

    But then I think our primary goal should be – as a species – to expand our territory and “explode into space” (music reference – you know it?)

    If only all humans could unite with one goal in mind.

  8. lonecat

    lonecat said, over 3 years ago


    Okay, let’s agree that people should show personal responsibility. What are the implications? Does that mean that no one ever deserves any help? Let’s say you get really sick. Well, you should have taken personal responsibility and taken out adequate health insurance for even very rare health problems. So the government shouldn’t help out. And not only that, private charities shouldn’t help out either. No Lions’ Club benefits for people in trouble, no help from any of the churches. After all, why should the church help you if you haven’t shown personal responsibility? Is that the implication of what you’re saying?

  9. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago


    For complete answers to all you questions simply read the entire comment to DrC.

  10. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Why not? Some are some are not. How about you not calling anyone a conservative when you have something derogatory to say?

  11. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    See, you are saying that there are no liberals (a political ideology) that do not accept personal responsibility ( a character trait).

    You are wrong.

    You go ahead a call anyone anything you like.
    Show me who you really are.

  12. lonecat

    lonecat said, over 3 years ago


    Point taken. But tell me more about your feelings about personal responsibility and what you draw from those feelings in terms of public policy.

  13. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    well, you are entitled to your opinion. As I am to mine.

    I do not think I am an impertinent mischievous child. Nor do I feel presumptuous.

    However, like everyone else including you, my mental stability is a matter of opinion and/or demonstrated condition and function.

    Why is it that you can not answer simply questions without taking offense and calling out names?

    Perhaps your civilized veneer is wearing thin. Or perhaps you have no support to your claim that liberals are all uniformly personally responsible.


  14. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago


    Dude, how can I do that unless I fill the entire thread with my comment?

    I am responsible for my own well being. I am responsible to feed, shelter and dress myself and anyone I have accepted the duty to provide for. As is everyone else.

    Public policy to provide basic necessities to those that can not provide for themselves is a must. We have that. But we also have people that take advantage of that fund – human nature.

    What we need is private policy that forgoes greed and moves to provide work for those people. Against human nature.

    Now tell me (and this is pertinent) please, what is the definition of love?

  15. lonecat

    lonecat said, over 3 years ago


    Well, it’s just that I have trouble sometimes figuring out where you stand. (But hey, I have trouble figuring out where I stand.) You criticize “liberals”, but you seem to like a lot of things that “liberals” like — such as a single payer health insurance system and a large well-funded social safety net. So why aren’t you a liberal? If you think it’s because liberals don’t believe in “personal responsibility”, well, a lot of the liberals who post here would say that they do believe in personal responsibility. I certainly do. I also believe that (most) people feel better about themselves when they work, and that they will work when the work is there — so long as the work is decent work.
    As for the definition of love, hmm. I’m not a big fan of definitions, especially definitions of complicated concepts. I’m not trying to wiggle out here. I work with words for a living, and that’s why I hesitate. Raymond Williams wrote a great book, Keywords, which is a discussion of about 100 important words. Most of the articles are four or five pages long — that’s how long it takes to provide even a brief explanation of important words. In English we can say, “I love my mother”, “I love my wife”, “I love my dog”, and “I love apple pie” — there’s no definition of “love” that will cover all these examples. I suppose they all have some sense of a positive emotional relationship to something, of a strength greater than “like”, but that’s only a beginning. Now tell me why it’s pertinent.

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