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  1. Justice22

    Justice22 said, over 1 year ago

    All have been covered up and more will come forth.

  2. Michael wme

    Michael wme said, over 1 year ago

    @Orthodox Catholic

    In the 20th century, the history books said the American Revolution was about ‘Taxation without Representation.’ But that’s NOT what was in the Declaration of Independence.

    Obviously, the UK wanted to deprive Americans of their two most precious liberties, liberties without which no American could be free.

    First, of course, was the essential freedom of property, to keep what was rightfully one’s own, namely one’s slaves. There can be no freedom unless one is free to own slaves!

    Second, of course, was a freedom guaranteed in the UK but which was to be taken from colonials in order to make annexation of Quebec easier: making popery legal in the colonies, rather than a Capital offence as it was in the UK, and as it should be in every decent country! Mr Auth just upholds the most honoured of American traditions: that popery should be a capital offence. Papists are all, without exception, child abusers and suppressors of woman, and none should be allowed in the US.

  3. jack75287

    jack75287 said, over 1 year ago

    I kind of feel sorry for the Catholic Church and Penn State. I still say they have done more good than harm in this world. The Rutgers deal, that was a direct and public assault on young students.

    When people in charge lose it, it is like that analogy from the joker in the first batman movie; its like gravity all it takes is a push. They guy who did his job got fired so tough on them.

  4. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, over 1 year ago

    @Orthodox Catholic

    Actually, the greatest enemies of the Catholic church are the ultra right wing protestant evangelists. Also in fact, most American moderate Catholics are like the Kennedy family and relatively liberal. Would you even be partially willing to admit those truths?

  5. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, over 1 year ago

    @Orthodox Catholic

    Bull. Prove it. And has the NEA worked to conceal pederasts and move them to work with more children? The Church did.
    The Cardinal Law, the former Archbishop of Boston is living in exile in Rome to keep him out of the hands of the law.
    And don’t TRY to tell me I’m wrong on this one, bud. The Church has a lot of penance waiting up for it.

  6. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago

    @Orthodox Catholic

    “The molestation rate of teachers in the NEA is about 10 times that of the Catholic Church.”

    Lying is a sin, you know. I’d love to see where you got that claim. There are 2 million Catholic school students in the US, compared to 50 million public school students. One would expect 25 times more occurrences if both systems are equally horrible at preventing abuse. If your source has confused number of occurrences with rates per student, 10 times the number of occurrences means the rate of abuse in Catholic school is 2.5 times that of public schools.

    You should also reflect on the fact that pointing out any abuse in public schools does nothing to absolve your church of the abuse that it has done, and has been covering up for decades. Do you go to confession & say at the end, “But, so & so did the same thing”?

  7. dannysixpack

    dannysixpack said, over 1 year ago

    @uncle joe

    you don’t understand orthodox catholic. The church does so much good, what’s the problem with didlng a few children along the way. and what’s a few womens lives through ectopic pregnancies when you can claim to have saved 50 million zygotes. and let’s not forget, sandy hooks death toll is just acceptable collateral damage that must go along with our unregulated right to bear arms.
    I find bare arms sexy.

  8. rossevrymn

    rossevrymn said, over 1 year ago

    Auth is a slurper.

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