Oct 22, 2015
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Chagrin Falls
"a call from the 90's"

Rita ist the landline. Your mother is calling.
Thats not my mothers number, and its not a telemarketer.
Gasp! who could it be?
Should we answer it?!


Gavin! Its your old buddy Jeff! Ive been in a coma since 199, and I just woke up!

But...why did you call me? on the phone?
Huh? To tell you! You're my friend! we always used to call each other!

So you just punched in my number and made the phone in my house ring? Out loud? I could've been watching TV!
Um,  yeah. You'd miss a scene or two.

Oh, no we can pause TV now, Thats not the point, These days you text or email! Then maybe say you're going to call!

Jeff just tweeted that he got feeling back in his legs! I'll retweet that. After all, he's our friend,
Hes come so far!
Oct 29, 2015
Small u 201701251612

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