Apr 24, 2014
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Lucky Ducky 
The Poor Little Duck Who's Rich In Luck in "STATE OF DENIAL"
Driver: Federal funds for Hollingsworth Hound!
Driver: Corporate tax breaks, payments, government contracts...
Hound: Yes, yes...
Driver: Okay, see you next month, Mr. Hound. 
Hound: Wait, what about THAT? 
Driver: That's federal MEDICAID MONEY for LUCKY DUCKY! 
Hound: EEP. 
Driver: He's too POOR for Obamacare, but not poor ENOUGH for Medicaid! 
Hound: ! 
Driver; The federal government said it will fill that gap!
Hound: Not in MY state!
Hound: Governor, REFUSE those federal medicaid funds for this state! 
Governor: Yessir! 
Hound: Grr...I only hope I'm in time! Lucky Ducky always finds a way to WIN! 
Driver: Here, this is for Lucky Ducky's health care!
Lucky Ducky: COUGH COUGH
Hound: STOP! Our state will not accept this money!
Driver: But it doesn't cost your state anything, and he gets covered!
Hound: He'd rather have his DIGNITY, sir!
Doctor: Uh, guys...
Doctor: You argued so long, Lucky Ducky went into cardiac arrest! Now we HAVE to admit him, to the emergency room! 
Lucky Ducky: Gotcha...
The End
May 1, 2014
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