Jun 27, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Chagrin Falls
"An Open Book"
Gavin: So I say, what's the big deal about government surveillance? I've got nothing to hide!
Woman: You wanna join our customer loyalty program? 
Gavin: Sure. 
Gavin: They can look at everything I do, for all I care. 
Woman: Your name is "Gamal Singh"? 
Gavin: Huh? 
Gavin: Oh, ha-ha! No! Sloppy handwriting! I'm Gavin Smythe! 
Agent: You're coming with us, Mr. Singh!
Agent: You live at 345 Maple St., Mr. Singh? 
Gavin: Yes, and the name's Smythe. 
Agent: Did you declare on your taxes the $250 you made selling NFL-themed beanie babies on eBay? 
Gavin: Uh...
Man: In June, 2005, did you copy a Michael Bolton CD from the library onto your hard drive? 
Gavin: It's terrific! Have you heard the live version of "Soul Provider"? 
Judge: On January 18, 2009, did you visit a website called
Gavin: Ah, heh-heh...You see, my wife Rita was out of town...
Man: On May 7, 2004, did you text a confederate the message: "About to blow up"? 
Gavin: Ha! I'd just eaten a really spicy burrito with Al at lunch! 
Man: You were driving by a Federal office building at the time! 
Man: Time for your cavity search, Mr. Singh. 
Gavin: Okee-doke. Nothing to hide. By the way, full disclosure: I used a pebble to scratch a picture of my family on the wall under my stool. 
The End
Jul 4, 2013
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