May 31, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Your glimpse into a real-live HOLLYWOOD PARTY!
See what it's REALLY LIKE! 
Tom: So, I said, "Brave choices? I'm ALL ABOUT brave choices!" 
Mariah: Oh! Excuse me, actor Tom Cruise!
Mariah: It's Scott Wolf, star of the hit series "Party of Five"! 
Scott: Mariah, you look fabulous! 
Mariah: Don't tell me you brought cake!
Scott: Please! It's nothing. I bought it at the "Hollywood Bakery."
Mariah: Oh, my god! They're the absolute best! 
Man: Hey, gang! Come into the rec room! Jim Carrey's acting CRAZY!
Jim: Land ho!
Man: It's ridiculous - but that's where the humor is. 
Stephen: "Who's the Boss" temptress Alyssa Milano, how come you never call? 
Alyssa: I'd love to call you, Stephen Baldwin of the famed Baldwin brothers. 
Stephen: So call me! 
Man: Oprah, your new movie is courageous! But wasn't that slavery thing done in "Roots"? 
Oprah: That was a celebrated TV miniseries, not a film. Besides, look how many movies VIETNAM got! 
Oprah: And slavery was worse!
Woman: Slavery was terrible! Six or seven Oscar-type movies at least. 
Woman: Latin thespian, Antonio Banderas! Let's go out back and have a smoke. 
Antonio: Lemme grab my coat. 
Antonio: "E.R."'s Noah Wyle and songstress Lauryn Hill?!
Lauryn: Close the door! There's a draft! 
Jun 7, 2013
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