Jan 24, 2013
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"the education of louis" intro. to fiction
louis, you're so much cooler than the guys at my school.
a bunch of real losers, huh?
no, just that you're so awesome. ha, ha. i'm so glad you're my boyfriend.
me too
actually, it's really tough here because i'm new. i'll bet if anyone asked someone who goes to this school, they wouldn't even know who i was!
louis: hey. guess who i was texting with last night?
friend 1: chewbacca.
louis: good guess, but no! see, there's this...
friend 2: guys! check this out! i found a site where you can make fake texts!
louis: huh?
friend 2: yeah, you type something, and it makes it look like a text that came from anyone you want!
friend 1: whoa. awesome! we should totally freak brandon out with this!
friend 2: i can make it look like i've been texting with mr. ratner... about him!
friend 1: ha!
delete delete
friend 1: oh, louis, who did you say you were texting with last night?
louis: no one!
Jan 31, 2013
Small u 201701251612

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