Jan 27, 2012
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god-man the superhero with omnipotent powers!
this week: "copyright & copywrong"
god-man is preventing the holocaust of 27 billion glexitians at the hands of mekxarxt galaxy marauders, when-
god-man: trouble on earth!
he speeds across the cosmos to earth-
god-man: that's the building! first, i'll rip these out! and now, quickly! i'll prevent the deed, just in time! caught you, evil-doer!
guy: how is downloading "lady and the tramp" evil?!
god-man: it was unauthorized, so that's stealing, you fiend!
humans: our building! my home!
man: stealing what?! when disney made the movie, they expected it to be in the public domain, today! the law changed! twice!
god-man: so that's theft, lawbreaker! now, i'm off -- a bureaucrat in poland just changed a copyright term, so evil is rampant!
Feb 10, 2012
Small u 201701251612

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