Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling

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  1. Matt

    Matt said, over 5 years ago

    Spot on.

  2. mercmarc

    mercmarc said, over 5 years ago

    Id say the country was run into the ground a long time ago. Obama is trying to see what he can get for it at the scrapyard.

  3. TheDOCTOR....

    TheDOCTOR.... said, over 5 years ago

    Is that guy in the 5th panel suppose to be Rush Limbaugh?
    This is funny because I know Toms just Lampooning Sarah Palin. Sarahs’ a very smart,and “Good-lookin’ Tomatah!”

  4. steverino

    steverino said, over 5 years ago

    That’s Roger Ailes (head of Fox News).

    Nice horse, Reuben.

  5. steverino

    steverino said, over 5 years ago

    …on second look, better work on your ships, though.

  6. steverino

    steverino said, over 5 years ago

    (sigh) On third look, “Ruben”.

  7. Kathleen Cunningham

    Kathleen Cunningham GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    There’s a BOOK in Sarah Palin’s cartoon avatar’s hand-now that’s really absurd!

  8. keechum

    keechum said, over 5 years ago

    Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. He stepped on the starter and pulled out the gas. The bottom fell out and he fell on his ? bummper ?

  9. Kip W

    Kip W said, over 5 years ago

    Aw, gee. It’s impossible to get in before “57! 57!!!”

    I suppose if they had something else, I’d have a chance.

  10. icky mung-mung

    icky mung-mung said, over 5 years ago

    Thank you Sarah for all that good learning history stuff! America! Jesus! Guns! Babies! Fast food! Woo-woo!!!

  11. edgeways

    edgeways said, over 5 years ago

    Well Jimjammerbob, fwiw the cartoon was very likely done before the Weiner story was ever big news, and goodness me you seem to think sexual idiocy is limited to Democrats (coff Arnold, Hopper, Sessions, Ashburn, Duvaull, Stanford, Stanly, ENSIGN, Berlin… coff)? I mean seriously?If Ensign didn’t resign why should Weiner? Oh well.

  12. pschearer

    pschearer GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    Palin, the perfect product of the public school system: ignorant, narcissistic, entitled. Too bad the Left can use all that to attack her patriotism.

  13. Tommy1733

    Tommy1733 said, over 5 years ago

    pschearer, are you suggesting Pallin is a patriot? Because I think the evidence is clear that she is a self-interested harpie whose personal ambition is not to serve the country but herself. Her viewpoints are not fact-based, her knowledge of even the most basic stuff is below average, and yet she continues to not notice the elephant in the room, which is that she would best serve the country by staying the hell out of the policy making process.

  14. tedsini

    tedsini said, over 5 years ago

    The thing I really find hilarious with all things Palin is the right having a knee-jerk reaction and defending her. Defending the indefensible is almost always funny, especially when she continues to make the left’s case for them.

  15. Iron Handed

    Iron Handed said, over 5 years ago

    If she does make president, she’ll be the first president I’ve ever wanted to kiss. But only if for some reason you don’t count Rutherford B. Hayes.

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