Aug 27, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
True Tales of False Romance
Melinda: I love you, John.
Whatever the hell THAT means. 
John: I love you too, Melinda! 
I'll play along for the sex. 
John: Ha-ha! Wait up! 
This is marginally better than being alone.
Melinda: Catch me if you can! 
All my FRIENDS are falling in love...
Melinda: Oh, John!
What does he expect of me? 
John: Melinda, darling!
Am I doing this right? 
Melinda: IT'S over, John! You're too good for me! 
I want out. 
John: B-but, I always thought we'd get...MARRIED!
How boring! Maybe this will shake things up. 
Melinda: Marriage? John, YES!
Ah, why not? Time to settle. 
John: You've made me the happiest man on Earth!
Maybe this will become bearable. 
Sep 10, 2010
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