Sep 29, 2001
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Superhero with Omnipotent Powers!
This Week "To Strike Back At Terror!"
We find GOD-MAN on a mission to the Middle East!
God-Man: There he is! 
God-Man: Bin Laden! 
You CUR!
Osama Bin Laden: No!
Man: But God-Man! If you're OMNIPOTENT, instead of PUNISHING us, why didn't you PREVENT our attack in the first p--
God-Man: AH, SHUT UP! 
Terrorist: So this fight represents the conflict between the Western notion of God and...
God-Man: I SAID, "SHUT UP"! 
Terrorist: OOF
Terrorist: Why no philosophical banter? Aren't you a character the author uses to make satirical comments on religion and cult--
God-Man: Now I'm a vehicle for his wholly un-ironic fantasies of violence and rage.
God-Man: Basically, the author wanted to draw someone punching people. 
God-Man: I wonder if this helps. 
Not really. 
Next: "No Satirists In A Foxhole!"
Oct 7, 2001
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