The Other Coast by Adrian Raeside

The Other Coast

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  1. Pacopuddy

    Pacopuddy said, about 4 years ago

    The spirit of the law . . .

  2. Agent54

    Agent54 said, about 4 years ago

    That is just plain silly, I use my plastic shopping bags to line the little trash buckets – instead of throwing them away and going out to buy little trash bag liners. That I need anyway,

  3. x_Tech

    x_Tech GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    I have my groceries delivered and I return the plastic bags back to the store for recycling. But the other day with my delivery the driver gave my a complimentary reusable cloth/canvas bag…

    …for which I have no use.

  4. cdward

    cdward said, about 4 years ago

    I actually use the reusable bags. Not always – sometimes I get the little plastic bags (which I do use for waste basket liners). What I like is, there’s less clutter since I could never use as many plastic bags as I used to get at the store.

  5. Jane from Florida

    Jane from Florida said, about 4 years ago

    The environmentalists want us to feel guilty for using plastic bags.

  6. pschearer

    pschearer GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    How’s this for an idea?… Industrial-scale mulching of landfill material into artificial soil. Imagine huge cargo ships transporting it to all the countries that would give their first-born for even an inch of topsoil to grow food in.

    And before someone complains about heavy metals, fifty years ago the great author on the economy of cities Jane Jacobs predicted mining of landfills to recover valuable materials. What technology messes up, technology can fix.

  7. sleeepy2

    sleeepy2 said, about 4 years ago

    We pay for them here as well.

  8. Dani Rice

    Dani Rice GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    We have a gazillion cloth bags, and sometimes when I am standing in line at the store I’ll turn around and give a couple to the person behind me. We get anywhere from 3 to 5 cents credit for each bag we use, so it’s foolish not to.

  9. treesareus

    treesareus said, about 4 years ago

    You pay for the plastic bags…and everything else associated with the store where you do business. As to the cloth bags, the ones I’ve seen don’t last all that long, take more resources to make and more room in the landfill, so they are not “green”.

  10. jbolty

    jbolty GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    Unless you are washing the clothnbags regularly you are risking food contamination.

  11. Wolf Emperor

    Wolf Emperor GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    I love my new cloth shopping bags with a winking smiley face on them. It’s not that I have a problem with plastic bags; it’s just I like the way these look and feel, and they’re more personal. I still use plastic bags if I forget to bring my bags to the store. I know they won’t last forever, but they’re holding up great because they’re new.

  12. LeRoy Widdison

    LeRoy Widdison said, about 4 years ago

    I was offered a reusable bag for a buck as an alternative to the plastic bags. I also noticed it was woven of plastic fibers – maybe recycled shopping bags?

  13. Susan Kruckemeyer

    Susan Kruckemeyer said, about 4 years ago

    I make bags out of used feed sacks. Horse, chicken, dog, cat, etc. Just use them, wash them out and throw them away when the fall apart, like you usually do while they are still perfectly good. Baaad environmentalists! Can’t believe they want you to not use those awful plastic bags!

  14. Olongapojoe

    Olongapojoe GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    Ahh… think the joke is, when you have dogs the plastic bags are used to pick up the messes. Hence the bags get thrown into the trash.

  15. Frank Erickson

    Frank Erickson GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    50 years ago in Germany they used and reused a plastic expandable net shopping bag for their almost daily shopping trips, done by walking to the local shops, where everybody knew their names. I was eight years old and still recall how efficient and friendly it all seemed. I was impressed at how large the net bag could get to accommodate the groceries. My Aunt carried the collapsed bag in her purse…

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