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The Norm Classics

By Michael Jantze


Norm is the boy who did grow up. Peter Pan could learn a thing or two.

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Reine Stark

Reine is an old friend from college. After five years of not noticing each other, they got married. That’s normal.

Ford Du Bois

Norm’s best friend and work buddy. Ford isn’t as elastic about the world as Norm is, but then he IS older. Ford’s girlfriend and eventual wife hates the crap out of Norm. S’true.

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The Folks

Norm isn’t having a mature relationship with either of his parents, hence he sees them as childhood scribbles.

The In-laws

Ben and Ruth Stark are Reine’s only weakness.

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Boy Norm

Norm has an inner-child who doesn’t know his place. If you see a short version of Norm in coveralls running around, it means you’re as crazy as Norm.


Chris the Wookiee

Norm met Chris sitting in line for the first “Star Wars” prequel. Chris is that ultimate fan boy who rarely takes off his costume.

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Wonk is that middle-aged guy at work who’s that middle-aged guy at work. Boomer is Wonk’s single twin brother who moves in next door to Norm…Tweedle Wonk and Tweedle Boom.