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The Born Loser

By Art and Chip Sansom
Sep 28, 2013
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The Born Loser by Art & Chip Sansom
Gladys: Hello, Brutus? It's me, Gladys. 
Gladys: I was shopping, and when I got back to the car, I realized I had somehow locked my keys inside...
Gladys: I can't get in the car, so you're going to have to take a cab and bring me your keys. 
Brutus: That won't be necessary - with a little ingenuity, I can unlock the car without bringing the keys to you! 
Gladys: And just want do you have in mind? 
Brutus: Go stand by the car and point your phone at the driver's door...
Brutus: Now, I'll hold my keys up to my phone and press the beeper - the car will think I'm standing there and open the door!
Sep 30, 2013
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