Mar 23, 2013
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The Born Loser by Art & Chip Sansom
Brutus: Yoo-hoo! Everyone to the den - family meeting!
Brutus: Should I order a pizza for dinner? 
Wilberforce: For sure!
Ramona: Yum!
Gladys: Yes!
Brutus: Is a large pepperoni okay with everyone? 
Ramona/ Wilberforce/ Gladys: NO! 
Ramona: Can we order it with other toppings on part of it? 
Brutus: I'm sure they could make it a half and half. Let me write down what you each want. 
Brutus: Hello, Swift Sal's Pizza? I'd like to order a large pizza for delivery - half pepperoni, half sausage...
Brutus: And on the pepperoni half, I want half with pepperoni and onions and half with pepperoni and mushrooms. Then on the sausage half, I want ~
Brutus: Hello?
Mar 25, 2013
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