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  1. Wacky Jacky

    Wacky Jacky said, 12 months ago

    We’ve come quite a long way scapegoatting.

    I remember when it was all the rage to blame Dungeon and Dragons as a gateway to murderous satanic rituals.

  2. Nos Nevets

    Nos Nevets said, 12 months ago

    ok. Benghazi incident blamed on a really bad internet video.

  3. cjr53

    cjr53 said, 12 months ago

    @Nos Nevets

    “ok. Benghazi incident blamed on a really bad internet video.
    Where 4 are more important to investigate over and over and 4,000, no interest. Again, it’s okay if a republican does it.

  4. John Locke

    John Locke said, 12 months ago

    How about blaming the fact that no one’s raising our kids? Today’s children come from single parent homes, recombined homes, or homes where no one is home to pay any attention to what they are doing. Why doesn’t the news media report the common thread of dysfunctional families as the connecting thread?

  5. Stipple

    Stipple said, 12 months ago

    @John Locke

    “dysfunctional families as the connecting thread?”

    Thank you for that although my three grown children, two with full time jobs and one set to graduate from college next year (paid by merit scholarships) would take issue with your ignorance.
    Why hate them because their mother and I had difficulties?

  6. jackson49

    jackson49 said, 12 months ago

    here i thot columbine was caused by force feeding SSI drugs on the children via ‘aides’ and teachers …off to tom tomorrow who is making a self brainwashed )fascist case for only women cops should have guns.

  7. echoraven

    echoraven said, 12 months ago


    Please don’t take it as an insult, because AS A RULE he is correct. If your children are doing well enough to get a free ride with merit scholarships, than says enough good things about you as a parent.

  8. BoxCar66

    BoxCar66 GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Remember in the Political area, it is ALWAYS somebody else fault. Never the dumb ass laws these jokers have passed.

  9. AgentSmith101

    AgentSmith101 said, 12 months ago

    Columbine occurred because no one pay attention when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were systematically harassed by their peers. Then their parents and school still didn’t pay attention when they were planning their attack. What they did was terribly wrong, but it was like reverse suicide where they thought there was no other option when all it would have taken is someone to tell them there was another way.
    The first in a grizzly trail of massacres caused by people who were mentally ill and could have been helped had anyone cared.

  10. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    The Black Glove Eugenics conspiracy has used techniques pioneered with MK-Ultra to sow terror and fear by creating these murder suiciders or muckers. Or sensitive people who react to population pressures by become homicidal. Either one works for me.

  11. Donald Williams

    Donald Williams said, 12 months ago


    “Why hate them because their mother and I had difficulties??”
    Is it possible that you overlooked the word “dysfunctional”?
    It sounds as if that doesn’t apply in your case.
    I happen to agree with John Locke – as a retired public school teacher, I’ve seen it all too often.

  12. Enoki

    Enoki said, 12 months ago

    They can just live in Alternate Virtual Reality…

  13. jackson49

    jackson49 said, 12 months ago

    what prescription drugs were the shooters using?
    and who demanded parents use them….see: male children, over prescribed for “acting up etc”. many of the shooters were on Prescription drugs, handed out freely in the ’80’s-90’s//
    and tom tomo;;well follow his "logic’ only women cops should have guns. all else need gun laws or some other way to lock them up. what a just-us industry.

  14. jackson49

    jackson49 said, 12 months ago

    ruff methinks ted rall showing the foolish “jump at a simple” reason for people going off the rail…and as EVERY noose story in LA is fearful….well. every tv noose story, “i was scared”, insert: mudslides, robbery, rape, attacks, wind storms, heat, rain, earth quakes, fires, gangs, pollen,(slow day), meteorites,sharks in water, nuke plant MAY, water main breakings, you get the idea, fear sells, not news.

  15. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Harris and Klebold took up with the “trench coat” gang that had operated in Columbine for quite some time before they went nuts. My niece and nephews all graduated from Columbine before the killings occurred.

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