Nov 11, 2013
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Millions of Americnas are too poor to buy cartoons. So we passed the Affordable cartoon act. 
Starting Jan 1 everyone will be required to buy cartoons. 
Man 1: I already buy cartoons.
Man 2: If you like your current cartoons you can keep 'em.
Man 1: Huh, my cartoons just got canceled. 
Man 2: "Hi and Lois" is crap. Crap doesn't count. By cartoons we mean "good cartoons"
Man 1: But you said-
Man 2: That you can keep your existing cartoons. And you can. You  can "keep"  them- to yourself. 
Man 1: How much will these much better cartoons cost?
Man 2: Whatever the cartoonist feels like. But if you're poor, you'll get subsidy. 
Man 1: I'm not poor.
Man 2: So pay. 
People who do't pay cartoons will be fined. 
Man 1: Ok. How do I buy these cartoons?
Man 2: Through the website. Which is down. 
Man 1: If you want to sell us cartoons, why doesn't the website work?
Man 2: Fining is easier than drawing.
Nov 15, 2013
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