1. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen gc insider almost 4 years ago

    There was a time when every manager at my workplace had a Blackberry, which they were constantly tapping away on. I haven’t seen a single one of those same managers use a Blackberry in at least three years. They all moved on to either Android or iPhone. Apple and Google advanced while Blackberry stagnated. The recent revamp of their product line was too little too late.

  2. And you wonder why
    Kylop  almost 4 years ago

    Ted, you seem to be spending a lot of time reading the Bible. Mtakes me worry about you. “When you look into the Abyss….”

  3. Missing large
    Meatpuppet  almost 4 years ago

    “Blessed are whats-his-face, for they shall do something or other at some time yet to be determined; maybe” – Anonymous, @#:&*

  4. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  almost 4 years ago

    Actual Christians are in a minority in this country. What we’ve got is a glut of neo-Puritans, preaching about how God hates you (but loves me) and how everything you do is sinful (but if I do it it’s okay).From what I’ve read about him, Jesus was a pretty cool guy. Too bad most of the people who yell his name at other people don’t actually seem to care about what he actually said.

  5. Missing large
    echoraven  almost 4 years ago

    Does having a god complex count?.Good one Ted.

  6. Giraffe cat
    I Play One On TV  almost 4 years ago

    If you’re clever, you can justify most any action by choosing the proper biblical quote. Like slavery, or killing unruly children. No wonder the bible has survived so many centuries.

  7. Missing large
    decimuscaelius  almost 4 years ago

    Time eventually catches up with war criminals!

  8. Photo on 12 25 14 at 12.43 am
    mattro53  almost 4 years ago

    “Blessed are the superstitious, for they will be compliant.”Matt 1.1

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