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Ted Rall

Mar 10, 2008
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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton offer hope to long-disenfranchised minorities. Having my needs ignored by someone who looks like me would be awesome! Hillary! She's female! 
But they aren't the only beacons of hope if John McCain wins, old pricks will see one of their own in the white house. I'll represent the interests of ornery old bastards! 
Old people have become president. He's dead. You can't prove that! 
So have pricks. But... Hiroshima and Nagasaki? They're civilian targets. Nuke 'em! 
But never an old prick. We followers of cantankerism demand a grouchier future! More whiskey! No tip! 
McCain: only he can breathe life into the hopes and aspirations of old pricks. Mandatory comb-overs for gay immigrants! Hope we can fear
Mar 15, 2008
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