Tank McNamara by Bill Hinds

Tank McNamara

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  1. WoodEye

    WoodEye GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 years ago

    He’s tried every other stupid idea possible. I just hope he doesn’t die, the Raiders might get better.

  2. Ravenswing

    Ravenswing said, about 7 years ago

    And just think. Was a time, Davis was considered a genius.

  3. Ginrummy33

    Ginrummy33 said, about 7 years ago

    All those nasty looking big spikes and dangerous things are made of plastic or foam by rule, or they won’t let you in the stadium. Takes a bit of the mood off it.

  4. Ray C

    Ray C said, about 7 years ago

    It’s the attitude he’s after, Ginrummy33.

  5. Alabama_Al

    Alabama_Al said, about 7 years ago

    I dislike the Raiders, and I hope Al Davis lives forever! Whatever talents Davis use to possess are now gone; as long as Weird Al pulls the strings in Oakland (Jokeland?) the Raiders will never be a contender. (Davis could be used as an argument against life-long monarchy.)

    As he likes to point out, Davis’ mother lived to be 98 years-old. Davis was born July 4, 1929 and is now 80 years-old himself. Reportedly, Davis is as in good physical shape as a man of his age bracket could expect. So it seems likely that Weird Al is going to hang around a few more years. Excellent.

  6. The_Ol_Goaler

    The_Ol_Goaler said, about 7 years ago

    Hey, Alabama_Al, don’t insult the REAL Weird Al! http://www.weirdal.com/ “I’d like to roll with the gangstas, but it’s obvious I’m White and Nerdy…” ;-)

  7. fritzoid

    fritzoid GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 years ago

    In the “B.C”,“Wizard of Id”, and “Tank McNamara” strips anything from the 21st Century AD can show up in them.

  8. MovingtoMilford

    MovingtoMilford said, about 7 years ago

    I too hate the Raiders and their fans. I hope Al is around for a long time to come. I want them to have multiple 0-16 seasons.

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