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Stone Soup

By Jan Eliot
Mar 21, 1998
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Val: What do you suppose ever happened to Eddie Galvin? 
Joan: That guy you dated in junior year? 
Val: He wore the most AMAZING cologne. 
Joan: 'Fess up, Val. Did you two ever...?
Val: ! 
Joan: ?
Woman: Evie? Remember that sorority dance, when you left early with Tom Franzen? 
Gramma Evie: Oh, yes...
Val: ? 
Joan: ! 
Woman: Did you think he was the ONE? 
Gramma Evie: All I thought was "DANG! This boy is HANDSOME!"
Val: Shhh
Joan: Hi Mom. 
Woman: Shh
Gramma Evie: Hi girls. 
Woman, Gramma Evie, Val & Joan: They would NEVER want to hear this conversation.
Mar 23, 1998
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