Mar 9, 2013
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Rose:  Oh, he will be thrilled! He just went to bed.  Guess who wants to read you a bedtime story?
Meemaw (on the phone):  How's my boy?
Pasquale:  Meemaw!
Meemaw (on the phone):  Put the phone next to your pillow...then close your eyes!
Pasquale:  Okay!
Meemaw:  All we have to do is choose a story...I've made a few selections!  There's a pirate who can't sail...he gets sad...or a duck who forgets how to quack...  I'd have to describe the lovely drawings!  And Pety the Pterosaur...A prehistoric flying reptile who is afraid to fly! I hope there's a happy ending!
Meemaw (on the phone):  I'll leave the choice up to you, Pasquale!  Pasquale?
Meemaw:  Uh...I hear steady he already asleep, Rose?
Meemaw (on the phone):  Rose?
"In the end, it's not about the perfect story...  It's about the perfect storyteller!
Mar 11, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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