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Rose is Rose

By Don Wimmer and Pat Brady
Jan 5, 2000
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Rose continues to see her house and family as though they were living in the year 1900.  She picks up Peekaboo, saying, "Peekaboo! Thank heaven YOU look the same as always!"   While she holds Peekaboo, the house and family suddenly return to the present. Rose says, "Hey! Everything is returning to normal!"   Hugging Peekaboo, Rose looks around, seeing the modern phone, TV and stereo.  She says, "I'm no longer seeing the world in the year 1900."   The family all hug, including the cat.  Jimbo says, "You were just a little anxious about Y2K, Rose!"  Peekaboo thinks, "Pets tend to calm people's nerves about things."
Jan 7, 2000
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