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  1. DGF999

    DGF999 said, 7 months ago

    Finally! It’s about time the Republicans grew a pair and decided to de-fund this monstrosity! Of course, it took some cattle-prodding from the true Conservatives to get this to happen. If it takes shutting down the government, so be it. Do not be afraid of the dems, folks. There will be no backlash from shutting down the government OR de-funding Obamacare. You listening, Boehner????

  2. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    It looks like that “leadership” has been thoroughly stomped into the ground by the “TEA party” that IS the real RINO element today! Ike, NIxon, even Reagan wouldn’t want to have anything to do with these RWNJs.

  3. cjr53

    cjr53 said, 7 months ago


    Except there is a large numbers of things for congress to do; jobs, figuring out ways to fund repairs to crumbling infrastructure, controlling guns to eliminate the mass shootings, taking care of the majority of Americans first, not just the corporations and 1%.

  4. cjr53

    cjr53 said, 7 months ago


    Yes, I think you are being facetious. My response is for tigger sweetie pie, harley, pajamas etc. they give me the impression these things i noted are unimportant.

  5. d_legendary1 Demands Dr.C and Martens Release

    d_legendary1 Demands Dr.C and Martens Release said, 7 months ago


    You mean this is the 41st pair that the Republicans have grown trying to repeal this monstrosity?

  6. Zuhlamon

    Zuhlamon said, 7 months ago


    _There will be no backlash from shutting down the government _
    Sure. What could possibly go wrong?

  7. pirate227

    pirate227 said, 7 months ago

    One trick ’phant.

  8. mikefive

    mikefive said, 7 months ago

    I wish the Republicans in the House would stop with beating on the PPACA in the manner that they have been doing. The Senate is not going to consider repealing it. Reid won’t let it come to the floor. Even if he did, the Democrats have a majority in the Senate and won’t allow repeal. If, by some fluke, Congress did repeal the PPACA, it wouldn’t be able to muster a two thirds vote to override a veto from the President. Is the PPACA a mess? In my opinion, yes. Are there good things in the PPACA that should be salvaged? Again, in my opinion, yes. But Congress won’t work on keeping the good and throwing out the bad. They would rather strut and preen before each other and play petty power games than work for the benefit of the people. Vote them all out in 2014. (Except yours, of course (tongue in cheek))

  9. mdavis4183

    mdavis4183 GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    The house leadershi[ is doing what we elected them to do.

  10. Overtaxed

    Overtaxed GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    Finally, the conservatives grow a backbone and drag the RINO party along, kicking and screaming.
    Let’s see, if the Senate fails to pass the bill, the government “shuts down” all non-essential operations and Obamacare is still unfunded. And if the bill manages to get past the Senate and Obama vetoes it, the outcome is still the same. Government shut-down with no funding for Obamacare. Win-win situation here. Unless the Constitution is ignored, which at this point, would not surprise me.

  11. Overtaxed

    Overtaxed GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago


    Alternative history, been reading again? Or is it an alternative reality? Or an alternative universe? It’s OK. This mental condition was covered several times on various Star Trek episodes.

  12. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    In the end it will just prove to the world that the Repubs are out to ruin the country and we won’t be trusted anymore.

  13. Sharuniboy

    Sharuniboy GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    And just what do you actually KNOW about the Constitution, to which you make such light reference? Perhaps you will deign to indicate Article and Section in which the House of Representatives IS NOT charged with making a budget for the Nation, and presenting it for Vote, but rather, has been instructed to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about that, while attempting 41 times to repeal a Bill passed previously.

    When referring to the Constitution, it might be wise to get someone to read its contents to you, so you can actually present a legitimate position based upon it. And, you can get it, in pocket-booklet form, from the Government Print Office, for a very small price, too.

  14. cubefarmer

    cubefarmer said, 7 months ago


    They forced Clinton to sign a balanced budget last time, so shutting down the government has a track record of doing a remarkable amount of good.

  15. Rockngolfer

    Rockngolfer said, 7 months ago


    They should better spend their time defunding ACORN, right?

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