Oct 14, 2013
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new tv shows that already got cancelled

hughie, dewey & lulu
hughie: yo!
lulu: yoo hoo!
dewey's a white guy without a clue! his pals hughie, the funky black man, & lulu, the outrageous gay man, exist only dispense funky & outrageous wisecracks that help dewey get a life! creamed in the ratings, even by "poodle hijinx" on animal planet.

the spittles
dad's a cretin, mom's a harridan, sis is a dingbat & junior eats dirt with a shovel! unfortunately, the studio audience stomred the set & wiped the whole sordid busi-ness off the face of the earth.

please wait to be seated
they're an edgy new breed - young, hip, impatient with the rules & always way out of line! intense drama, set in a pancake restaurant, failed to de-liver the coveted 18-35 demographic.

the abyss
it's a new concept in reality television - a show that, when you stare at it, stares back at you! but it was on against "jag" and nobody watched it.
Oct 21, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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