Sep 30, 2013
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the trombone
the medieval name for this was "sackbut", from the french word "sacqueboute." this translates as "sorry-ass." i'd skip it.
horn: bleat

sorry, but all forms of percussion have now been replaced by the digitally sampled dru, machine.
computer: ratatatatat. ratatatatatat tatatatatatat. ratatatatat chikaboom.

the bagpipes
features two settings, "off" and "really loud." the instrument of choise for aggressively melancholic loners. what more could you possibly want?
nerd: for my next selection, i'll play "a wee wadd o' haggis i' me craw," about a guy who chokes on some haggis.
Oct 7, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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